IMAA, High Flite article

I posted a request for the IMAA, High Flite magazine, article by Chip
Hyde in the fall issue on "Trim Your Bird to Fly Right" I am posting
again in condensed form.
Does anyone have a copy of that issue. If so would you please make a
copy of that article and send it? Name and address will be given when
we find someone.
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While not the article you are looking for, the NSRCA website has a super trimming chart / procedure that the F3A (pattern) guys use to trim their aircraft - and you would be hard pressed to find a pickier crowd.
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I use it every time I set up a new aircraft, and I keep a reduced and laminated copy in my field box.
Good luck - a well trimmed aircraft is a joy to fly.
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Thank you Usenetboy. I have made copies of the trimming chart. It is comprehensive and I believe it's just what my friend wants and needs.
I will show the charts to him. He wanted his Ulatimate to be well trimmed.
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