Killing off SWAC!

When the decision to move SWAC from May to October was announced, I noted that put it right in the middle of the election 'season' and wondered. I worried that it was skipped for a year to make the change as that sort of thing has not worked in many industries and probably would be bad in the hobby.

If you read the following carefully you might notice that now Sandy Frank intends to have it next time in "another 2 years". Many I have talked to don't understand why he is trying to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. What is wrong with an annual event, unless it is strictly a political move.

I don't understand why he is trying to kill it off! Do you?

> Posted as requested. >> >> SWAC attractions... >> >> this BLIMP: >> >>
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> >> will be flying over the convention center >> >> and relaying live color video to the show floor... >> >> from above it should display most of Dallas, Ft. Worth and the mid >> cities.. >> >> Mr. LIN of GWS will be an exhibitor at the SWAC 2003 >> >> and release 3 NEW rc micro helicopters >> >> priced from 100 to 150 $ retail >> >> the beginners version is said to hover hands off the xmitter... >> >> the SWAC 2003 will be bigger and better than previously.... >> >> and will not be held for another 2 years.... >> >> so if you miss it now.... it will be a long time till it is back !!!! >> >> for $ 5 per day you can do it all..... >> >> admission >> >> enter the static display >> >> shop the swap meet >> >> buy and sell at the auction >> >> even fly at the indoor event for both days... >> >> and see a KILLER trade show... >> >> one admission and do it all... >> >> the Arlington, Texas convention center >> 1200 Ballpark Way >> near 6 flags and the ballpark... >> >> for more info: >> >> email: >> >> Dr. Sandy Frank >> AMA District VIII Vice President >> and EVENT DIRECTOR !!! >> >> >> >> > > >
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Actually IMO the delaying until this Oct. is a political move and a good one. It will almost for certain get SF reelected.

2 years from now -- well that is a point to ponder. Next year is the Presidential election so it doesn't fit there. Has SF aspirations to work up the ladder and try the EVP thing in that year? Any number of reasons could satisfy the question.

Maybe this kind of explains it a bit. One previous SWAC vendor, that incidentally just joined Jetero RC, stated emphatically at our last meeting that the first year was OK, the second did not pay expenses and he wasn't going back this year. Perhaps the vendors aren't making enough to satisfy their time, cost and effort, especially in May.

As most well know, it's very difficult to get a big turnout in TX for much of anything not just local. Too much to do otherwise. Up north where flying is significantly limited in the winter, shows, etc., go very well. Here we have Jan-Feb to build and can fly most of the time. The vendors are at the big shows elsewhere. Mar-May is the best time ever, but lots of holidays and getting the yard and garden in shape. Jun is the kids getting out of school and starting vacations and flying before the real heat sets in. Jul / Aug is time to head for the beaches/lakes and enjoy stuff besides mowing, mowing, and mowing and did I say mowing? Too hot to go much of anywhere. Comes Sep, there are events every weekend, and getting the stuff ready for hunting season. Oct. brings all kinds of events, and family school sports plus football, plus the best of year's saltwater and freshwater fishing, plus small game hunting and bow-season for deer. Nov is big game time and excellent saltwater fishing. Nov and Dec. bring family times and holidays and more football.

Just when, outside the events of Sep -- early Nov, does one have time for toy airplanes? I think maybe SF is searching for a time when he can get vendors as they are attracted to the really big shows in the winter and spring. It's a tough job in TEXAS, but that is a cost of living in eternal vacation land.

OTOH, Jim, what's wrong with using one's assets to be political when one is running for an office. Your comments are certainly political. Mine too, huh?

Horrace D. Cain ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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With all that going on, when do you FLY??

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Paul McIntosh

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Mike Gordon

Not really as model aviation is my main priority outside my family. OTOH, I do keep very busy doing club work, running for AMA offices (;-))

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