Kyosho GeeBee

Am thinking of buying the GeeBee ARF but would like to know what the plane is
covered with? Hope it's not covered with that stuff that's on the Tower
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Since the website says "durable film" I would hazard a guess that it's not anything brandname like Monokote or Ultracote.
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Normen Strobel
I don't know what it is covered in but one of the LHS owners has his hanging in the shop and it is an incredibly beautiful plane. I almost bought one for myself. For what it is worth he put the Saito 90 3-cyl in it.
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The geebee is covered with good stuff (fusselage is made of fiberglass and veri well painted), but this plane its a little dificult to fly because of the weight (a friend of me ownes one).
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