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hi all

I'm doing some experiment with cheap li-ion cells (actually for a photocamera ) i have 8 li-on cells of 600mah. i allready taken of the case and looked wath cells are inside of it. this is wath i could find of tech specs.

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Discharge Max Amp is a bit on the low. so i have to change the initital mount

2s2p to 2s3p or 3s3p

i noticed that there is a small print between the the cells. Can i skip this and just mount the cell in parallel without the print. ??? a pic of the print is on this site.

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i want to use the cells for my piccolo heli

310 motor and uses +- 4~5A

thanks Tommy

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2s3p looks indicated. But they are not great cells for aircraft use are they?

Rip off all the protection PCB, but be careful. Hard cased cells like that are small grenades if they go up, and they can.

I'd advise asking on

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- people have played with these before, but I haven't.

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