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There were no survivors!
Red S.
> Has anyone ever tried to charge Li-Ion Cells with Pro-Peak Supernova? >
> Any ideas?
> Regards
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Red Scholefield
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Yes, i have an idea. Please buy the right charger for the job so we don't have to read about a fire and or death in the newspaper. remove my-wife to reply :-)
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I have one idea:
The Li-Ion charging method is CC/CV constant current constant voltage, right? The SLA (gell) batteries also use the same method(never charge over 13,4v for a 12 volt battery), witch is supported by Pro-Peak, the only problem i have to attend is for each Li-Ion cell (3,6) the charging current must never exced the 4,2 volts per cell, and Pro-Peak only supports 2~6 cell (2~12 volt) CC/CV.
So.. if i use for 1 Li-Ion 3,6v the 2 Pb cell Pro-Peak configuration witch gives max 4volts lower then 4,2v (max Li-Ion cell voltage i have a safe charge (0.2v safe margin). for to Li-Ion Cells 2x4,2=8.4(max voltage) use 4 Pb cell 4x2=8v (0.4v safe margin) and so on...
any comments
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