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Hi Everyone,
I have been keeping an eye on this group for sometime and find this
all so very interesting. I met an individual at College last year who
had an R/C Plane and was a member of a club in his area. I have an
interest in building and flying R/C Planes but I really have no
earthly idea where to start. I have cash so buying parts and such
really isnt an issue. I just dont want to spend hordes of money only
to crash and ruin the plane on my first time out. Should I start with
a simulator and work from there or should I just build a plane and hop
right too it? Suggestions are greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!!
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I suggest that you contact that individual again & pick his brain for any info. Secondly go to the local club you speak of and I'm sure that they would lead you in the proper direction! Welcome to the hobby! Have fun!
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Hi Rich,
Congrats on your interest in this hobby. It can be exhilarating, frustrating, maddening, and very rewarding. As was mentioned in the previous post, you need to contact your local club. Hopefully, they will guide you during your first steps in the hobby. However, even that is no guarantee against crashing. The one law that is true for this hobby is that if you fly them, you will crash them. The good thing is that if you also built the thing, you will also know what it takes to repair it if it hasn't been totaled.
Make sure you have a flight instructor for those first flights. Trying to learn without an instructor is very painful and costly. Most clubs have several instructors. I would recommend going to the flying field and observing them to see which would be most compatible with your learning style. From there he/she will be able to guide you on your first plane, and learning to fly.
Hope you enjoy the journey.
Jim W
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Black Cloud
Tell us where you live so maybe someone can give a good club recomendation. Watch what goes on at the field and find someone you think would be good to help you. As with most clubs, there are some guys who will give you good help then there are the others... I would suggest a simulator. It won't hurt. Also, for a lot of us, it is nice to at least be able to fly the computer in the dead of winter.
John VB
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Rich, do a Google search for "Flying Model Simulator". FMS is a free download, except you'll have to get a two-stick controller of some kind. If you want to spend the bucks, get either the Reflex or RealFlight sims. They can really help you once you get your hands on a real model. Another avenue is to get a park/slow flyer. They're light and slow, and can be easily fixed if damaged. If you want to fly a typical glow trainer after practicing on a sim, there's no substitute for getting an instructor and learning on a buddy box. If I can help, feel free to post to this group and I'll e-mail you.
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Morris Lee

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