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Hi All, Hopefully someone here can be of some help. I was going through an old trunk of mine and came across three old control line engines I purchased in the late 70's. It took a bit of elbow grease but I managed to clean them up nicely and they seem to be in good shape and have still have good compression.

The engines are as follows:

Fox .15 control line Fox .35 or .36 control line (Can't remember which I bought but there are no markings as to the size on the engine casting.) Cox .049 Black Widow control line

If anyone has any idea on what these engines are worth, I would appreciate hearing from you. I still haven't decided whether to keep them or part with them. I did oil them and then store them in zip lock baggies after cleaning them though. I can take and post some pictures of the engines if that will help.

Thanks in advance, Sherman

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Sherman F. Dickson II
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None of those are especially good, or rare. On Ebay I'd expect them to pick up 20-50 dollars apiece.

Its a 'collectors' market, and the new in box early Mill .75 diesel, WILL pick up over 100 dollars, but not a Fox sadly.

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The Natural Philosopher

That's for sure, now.

I recently picked up a Bantam .19 with complete points, tank, plug and in like-new condition for $75. 15 years ago that was a near $200 item.

The passing of many collectors with heirs having access to eBay has definitely made the market change, plus in these generations there are fewer new collectors.

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