On a positive note...

Someone was complaining about the group going to the dogs, so even if it isn't much I thought I'd mention the fact that it was a very nice day for flying here at the intersection of Oregon City and Estacada, with almost no wind at our usually turbulent flying field, and high cloud cover that was very easy to fly against.

I flew so long I got a sunburned face, and a nasty eyestrain headache. But it's happy pain, so that's OK.

_And_ I just got my Nobler fuselage erected, after a small saga involving very poor quality maple motor mount sticks, an extremely slow Sig Mfg order fulfillment process, and a _very_ helpful counter guy at Coyote Hobby in Oregon City who took some of the parts that Sig _did_ deign to send to his home wood shop to cut them down to a size that would fit my needs.

So it has the requisite doublers -- and a very nice pair of motor mounts

-- and it's all nice and square and straight with the two defining bulkheads freshly glued in place.

Now I just need to contend with the fact that in making sure the thing was square and straight every which way I forgot to start it over the plans!!! As soon as the glue dries I can fix that, however, confident in the knowledge that what _is_ glued up is straighter than anything I'd get eyeballing it over a bit of paper. If I'd had the foresight to lay out a center line on the building board I wouldn't even do that (and may not, come to think of it).

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Tim Wescott
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Keep us up on that please. My first built up wing and fuse was a Jr. Nobler mk

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