Oops! NEw landing gear required.

A paved runway??? FOR REAL?? You have actually seen one?? I've heard of them, but never actually SEEN one, I thought they were merely legendary beasts like the Yeti and the Sasquatch.
Actually, for grass, I just use the BIGGEST foam wheels I can fit on the plane without looking totally ridiculous, (slightly ridiculous doesn't bother me) ( I use 3 inch foamies on my little 15 oz 36 inch wingspan electric) I make sure that the landing gear has a fair amount of spring or give in it, and go forth and play.
Having said all that, I fly off a pretty rough strip, and don't have any landing gear problems other than occasionally having to re-form the legs after a particularly hard bounce.
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Bob Cowell
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The local RC pilots in KC are spoiled. Seriously, if any of you get a chance to stop in on your way through Kansas City you should. It's one of the best airfields I've ever seen. It has a huge paved runway, and a nicely mowed grass one right next to it. I'm really going to miss it.
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Robert Reynolds

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