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I am looking for any links, email etc for anyone that sells used RC engine parts. I had purchased some parts from a fellow a couple of years back but lost his name. He sent me a list of parts available and was very good to deal with.

I am looking for a crankcase for an OS40 FSR-ABC Any information is appreciated


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Unfortunately, crankcases for the FSR40 and 45 are hard to find because of the weak muffler mounting. Any hard bump on the muffler pulls the rear screw out of the exhaust flange, along with some of the exhaust flange. If yours has some other problem, I have several with broken flanges I got with used engines.

The flange *can* be welded up and re-tapped for the 3.5mm thread. I have a case that was done that way. Also, I suspect that the case for a Royal FSR40 will fit, if you run across one of them.

After I broke my first FSR40 flange, I now weaken the muffler mounting screws so that in a hard landing the screws break rather than the flange. With a Dremel cutoff disk, I grind a groove around the screw to make a weak spot. The groove should be near the head so that if/when it breaks there will be something to grab with pliers to unscrew it from the flange.


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Dave Plumpe

Try here:

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I know this guy has a model engine junk yard (I traded a bunch of my junk to him). He's a reputable source and might have what you're looking for.

Live long, and prosper Jerry L. Gubka


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Jerry L. Gubka

It might be just as cheap to bet a complete engine from Ebay but might take a while. Also, try advertising on RC Groups and RC Universe. I still have my .40FSR, great old engine. I'm told that the Magnum and ASP 40FSR's were pretty close copies of the design.

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Many of the parts were interchangeable.

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Paul McIntosh

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