who sells rivett parts

i will be going thru a rivett 1020 lathe and was wondering who has parts for
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David Smith
I know nothing about the vintage of your lathe or Rivett machines in general, does your lathe used a tapered mount for the attachment for the chuck? If so, I have a chuck backing plate that I bought on E-bay a year or so ago thinking that it was an L-00 taper. This backing plate is slightly smaller than an L-00 with a courser screw pitch. Several people on this newsgroup suggested it might be for a Rivett. I have no use for it and am interested in selling. If interested let me know, and I can take some measurements to confirm that it will fit.
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I'm not the original poster, but I would be interested. The taper is similar to a L-00, but smaller. The 715 lathe spindle used it. The original poster was interested in the 1020, which is a much bigger lathe and used one of the standard spindle noses.
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Aribert wrote:
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Vince Iorio

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