Rivett 918 - dropbox files?

Hey guys, long time no see.
I took on a Rivett 918 project recently, looking for old catalogs etc. I figure there was probably a bunch in the dropbox. Is that gone away?
I don't need much for this 918, maybe an underdrive assembly, os part of one.
I do have some spares, including most of a compound, and a drum switch for 2-speed, 3ph motor
BTW, looks like the troll posts are thinned out.
Probably the membership as well. I do see some familiar names.
Heck even Gunner is still rollin' - Hey Gunner!
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Rex Burkheimer
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Is this what you're looking for
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, IIRC the original domain was worth a lot and the domain holder was persuaded to sell and so moved the dropbox to the new domain.
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David Billington
Excellent! Thank you David
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Rex Burkheimer

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