Will Aloris CXA series work on my Rivett 1020S?

I've gotten recommendations for the Aloris BXA series post and holders
and so I know that will work; I want to know if the Aloris CXA will
also work on my Rivett 1020S? The manual talks about a 12.5" swing but
it looked a little more than 13" when I measured. What should I
measure to see if CXA will work?
I assume the CXA will give me more rigidity, less tool tip breaks, and
the ability for faster cuts. The only downside that I can see would be
higher initial cost for the post/holders and I lose 1/4" swing
I'm new at this and so I'm just asking... and looking forward to the
day when I don't feel so dumb at this. Thanks again to the group for
helping me get setup.
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Mark Main
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The CXA should work in your machine. Its just a little bit too large is all. Unless you find a deal on the larger holder, the BXA series would be more than adequate for your machine.
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Karl Townsend
Thanks Karl. I really appreciate the help.
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Mark Main
I've got a CXA on my 15" Sheldon, and I wouldn't really want to try it on a lathe any smaller than that. I used an AXA just fine on a 12" Craftsman. So, I'd think maybe the BXA would be a better fit.
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Jon Elson
Measure the height of the lathe's spindle center above the top of the compound.
Then check the height of the top of the tool slot above the bottom of the tool holder. Let's see -- CXA is equivalent to Phase-II's "Series 300", and I've got data sheets which cover the whole Phase-II series list, so ... 1-7/16". The reason that this is important is that insert tooling tends to have the cutting tip level with the top of the tool's shank, and for the CXA/Series-300, the holders will accept a 3/4" shank. (BXA/Series-200 is 5/8" shank, and AXA/Series-100 is 1/2" shank.
Note that I have taken tools designed with 3/4" shanks and milled of 1/8" from the *bottom* to allow me to use them in the BXA sized holders.
Yes -- if the machine has that much power and rigidity. The main trick is to minimize overhang of the tool tip from the support of the holder, and to make sure to take all play you can manage out of the compound components.
I agree. I'm using the BXA on my 12x24" Clausing, and could not use the larger CXA on that. But only measuring can tell you for sure.
Also -- note that holders (and the toolpost itself) increase rapidly in mass -- and cost -- as you step up -- and I think that the BXA probably gives the best eBay prices, as most hobbyists are after the AXA size for smaller machines. I opted for the BXA even though my machine was within (at the top of) the size range specified for the AXA, and I'm glad that I made that decision. (I'm also glad that I opted for the wedge style toolpost instead of the piston style.
Good Luck, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
Thanks DoN. Hey, I was excited to just use my new Mitutoyo super caliper to actually measure something! It measures exactly 1.5" from the spindle center to the top of the taper attachment bed (that sits on top of the slide rest), which has the T-slot; said differently, it's 1.5" from the top of the T-slot to the spindle center.
Boy is that a close one! I come in just under the wire by a 16th of any inch for the largest tools; the only exceptions are the 'oversized' holders (#1S and #2S) which I won't need since I'm already oversized in the first place by going with the CXA rather than the BXA.
So it sounds as though I can go with the CXA if I'm will to pay the extra bucks for the post/holder and tools.
>>I'm also glad that I opted for the wedge style tool post instead of the piston style
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Mark Main
According to Mark Main :
Remember that you will want quite a few of the #1 and/or #2 holders so you don't have to keep swapping tools into the holders, which as has already been pointed out, defeats the purpose of a quick-change toolpost. If I have fewer than two empty holders, I feel that I have too few, FWIW.
piston style I think that I'll go with the CXA (wedge style) since it looks like it
It should work. And hopefully, your Rivett is a rigid enough machine to really benefit from the more rigid toolpost.
You're welcome.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
really benefit from the more rigid toolpost.
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Mark Main

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