seeking BXA tool holders (trade for AXA?)

I've decided that I'd rather use a BXA sized tool post rather than AXA on my
lathe (13 inch logan/powermatic) - so I've ordered an Aloris BXA tool post
from e-bay. Currently I have a real Aloris AXA post and a pile of holders,
which of course I won't need once I switch over - so, I'm looking for a
replacement "pile" of BXA sized holders, and like most folks who do this as
a hobby, I'm bottom skimming and cheap as well. If you have anything,
please let me know (off list may be better, see instructions below). I also
have a goodly pile of DC motor controllers (Minarik) that would be trade
fodder, and some nice gas regulators, etc.
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I still have a quite a few of the bxa-2 style holders left--very nice tools, we made in our shop and sold several hundred of themacross ebay a few years back and nary a complaint......( alas, the $14.00 chinese imports kinda put an end to that endeavor as to profitability )
I might be interested in trading a bunch for motor some motor controller-type hardware....
Email me if your interested, my addy here is good.
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If it's not too late to cancel the order for the tool post, I have an extra Aloris BXA I'd be willing to trade for AXA stuff. Soory , no BXA holders to spare.
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons
I'm going to join in. I have three Aloris CA tool posts and about 25 holders. I also have an Aloris BXA post. I was thinking about ebay but I too need an AXA post and toolholders.
Thank You, Ed
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aaarrrrggghhhh I should have posted the need here first. Oh well - as soon as the BXA tool post shows up, I'll offer the AXA post - and I'll try to get a photo of the holders I have and put it on the web somewhere tomorrow.
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