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My 10x24 Logan 200 has the lantern style tool post, I'd like to upgrade to something a bit more rigid and more convinient. Plus I'd like to be able to easily use the carbide bits (not the inserted style) This is for my home shop, I have access to bigger machines when needed.

Enco has the Phase II Quick Change tool post sets on sale this month.

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've used the wedge type on a Hardige and an Enterprise, never used the plunger type. One complaint I have with the wedge type is that for the type of one off work I do, I'm constantly restting the large hold down nut on top. But at least the center height satys constant.

Any comments on plunger vs wedge? Phase II quality? Price?

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Wedge is more rigid and costs more. Ya gets what ya pays for. I'd think on a Logan you might not notice the difference.


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Karl Townsend

I have an old 10x24 Jet that I have a 200 series phase II piston type QC toolpost on. Works fine for me, (hobby use) and was easily the best improvement to the machine I could have made. I think I got it from Enco, too. Good bang for the buck, in my opinion.

I also have a 100 series wedge type, not phase II, but no doubt made in the same factory in china or at least the one next door, on my 10" Sheldon. The 200 series TP was just too big and seemed to get in the way. anyhow, I got it from an ebay store place called "Bills Tool Crib" they had the best pricing on wedge style I had seen. I got decent service from them. (No connection, just a customer and all of that)You can see it here:

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or the long version:

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All in all, I'm not certain that I can discern a huge difference between the wedge and piston types, though it is likely that I am not experienced enough to be all that discerning.

I would say the I think that the Phase II has slightly better feel, fit and finish to it than the no-name that I got from Bill's. I'm not sure it would be a deal-breaker for me, but it does seem a bit nicer. I would not mistake either one of them for an Aloris. But both work as advertised, and as far as I am concerned they made my lathes far easier and more fun to use.

Good luck, AL A.

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Al A.

I have a Phase II on my old 11X42 Sheldon and it has been very good in my opinion. Bought extra toolholders so I seldom even remove my tools from the toolholders. Once I set the tip levels I loctite everything in place. I keep a couple of empty toolholders to use with a special tool or boring bar. It for sure beats the heck out of the lantern toolpost and the 4-way I had before it bought the QC unit

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Phase II toolposts & holders are fine quality stuff. I have owned both piston and wedge type and would get either. Both have to be reset the same amount, no difference there.

I was looking at a KDK toolpost the other day. Those are really nice. If I ever tool up another lathe from scratch I think I'll go that route. Much nicer than Aloris.


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Grant Erwin

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Well ... the wedge style is theoretically more rigid -- but on your machine, it may not matter.

One thing which can lead to some excitement with the piston style which will not happen with the wedge style only applies when there is not toolholder on the post. A wedge style has a fixed range through which the handle can swing -- from tailstock area to a bit to the left of pointing towards the operator. However, a piston style toolpost with no toolholder installed can have the handle swing through a full 360 degrees. This can get exciting when the carriage is just the right distance, so the knob on the handle can swing into contact with the jaws on the rotating chuck. The knob can shatter, and send shrapnel around under these conditions. It can also result in damage to the lathe spindle (bending) and possibly to threading gears.

That said -- I got the wedge style Series 200 Phase-II QCTP for my 12x24" Clausing (a somewhat more rigid machine, I believe), and I've been adding both Phase-II and Aloris brand toolholders (some rather exotic -- and quite useful).

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

I recently upgraded my 12x36 Atlas from lantern to phase II, from enco, series 100 which is eqivalent to AXA size, for lathes up to 12" swing. I also use an aloris wedge-type (BXA or CXA size) on a Harrison 13" gear drive at a large city college shop when I go there. For the size of work I do on the Atlas 12", the piston seems to work just fine. They are also interchangeble with Aloris or Dorian so if you need a different holder you should be able to get and use it. I am using it with the brazed carbide 1/2" tooling and 3/4" carbide boring bar sets from Enco. I think that this is one of the best upgrades I have made for the cost. The Phase II quality, while import, is one of the best I have seen. Also, I noticed that phase II does have the same series 100 post in wedge style for $169 from enco. Hope this information is helpful. I made the same decision you are making about 4 months ago and haven't had any regrets. woodworker88

RoyJ wrote:

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I bought the 100-series piston type for my Logan 9x17. Best money I've spent on it. Sometime later I acquired an Enco 10x24 with an Aloris wedgie already there. Personally, I can't tell any difference in use. If anything I prefer the Phase II. I can see how the wedge-style would be considered more accurate though, as the relationship of toolholder to front dovetail does not change like it can on the piston style. But I work to the nearest micro-furlong, your work may be more of a precision nature :)

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Rex B

phase II seems to make quite good tooling for the price. nearly the quality of good name-brand american stuff, but prices closer to much of the mid-tier enco stuff. I used mine on my 10" logan until i sold it and it was a great setup.

Which brings me to my next point....

I sold my Logan last year and got a newer, and larger Clausing 13" variable. I still have the entire 5 piece phase II wedge setup from the logan, including a mount plate already cut to fit a 10" logan. it is too small to fit the clausing, and so it just sits... If you want to save some money, throw me an email and i'll make you a great deal on the set in very good shape.

email me at joel

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