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I am goint to buy wedge style QC tool post. I was just wondering, of the cheapo brands such as Phase II. Is it like the import mini lathes where they are all about the same and may even come from the same factory? I see some on ebay from vendors for a pretty good price.

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I don't know but I've heard only good comments about the Phase II brand. I have a Harbor Freight noname version of the piston type and I'm happy with it but the quality isn't as good as my friend's Phase II.

Before you buy from an eBay seller be sure and check Enco's current sales flyer. They have those on sale at a really good price and have free UPS shipping this month IIRC.

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Click on the Machine Tool Accessories link and then select page 10. You'd need to click on the link to download the entire catalog to get the back page that has the free UPS shipping promo code but I'll save you the trouble. It's NC1003 and it gets you free UPS shipping on any order over $25 from that catalog, up to 125 pounds.

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No, it's not like the import mini lathes, not at all. Phase II is good quality for the money. I had one and liked everything about it except the label was attached a little crooked. I used it a lot for a couple years and then ran into a great deal on an Aloris brand so now that's what I use.

I got a $99 toolpost from HF once. It was all made in India. It wasn't that bad except the knurls and cutoff blade weren't good HSS. I kept some of the holders from that one, still use 'em. That was a piston-type. I'd use one of those, it seemed OK to me. There are some drawbacks to the wedge type too.


mach> I am goint to buy wedge style QC tool post. I was just wondering, of

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