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Hi all - After a very long time I've picked up here again, and have a question - Does anyone know of a source for a drawing or how to build instructions for a quick change tool post a la Dickson style? I have recently acquired a 300mm swing lathe and would like make such a fitting for it.


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muddled engineer
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You want the Dixon type specifically? Or a similar style?

The Dixon post and blocks have some features that make production a little bit tougher. The large Tee slot in the center is one, the pair of

45 degree faces that the post and blocks mate, is another. Not immpossible to do on home shop machinery, but far far easier on a heavier machine.

There have been a couple toolposts of similar layout, with the plans posted online.

formatting link
formatting link
comes to mind.

If you are not stuck on the one design, take a look at the Tripan tool post as well. The design takes up very little space, and is plenty rigid, if scaled to the machine. You would need a dovetail cutter of appropriate size.

300mm swing. 6inch center height, AKA 12 inch swing lathe? You are into the size range where it is quite economical to buy one of the tool posts off Ebay, and make the tool holders as you need.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

Dear Sir Mike

I have solutions to your problems regarding tool post set.I manufacture such tool post sets

Warm regards


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Got a web site where we can see these tool posts?


eat the samoosa to reply

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Phil Hansen

Mike, check your email for the drawings I have. RichD

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