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How to layout a 5V DC power supply ?
How important is to place the components in proper flow ?
How to decide components flow ?
How 2 decide Track width ?
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Almost irrelevant at DC, somewhat tricky for audio, and bloody essential for RF work.
Anyway you like.
As large as will fit, is not a bad way to start. You need a lot for high currents as well, and it also helps heat to get away.
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The Natural Philosopher
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Anyway you like the look of, but I'm assuming (prelude to disaster) you mean a linear PSU. Switchers can be a little tricky in places.
Not in the slightest.
Anyway you like, it's maybe less confusing to lay them out much like the schematic, but it looks better if they are laid in some pattern.
Depends on two things, the current on the 5volt side determines the width of the tracks. For mininal temp rise on normal PCB material you should use the following rough figures:
1 Amp = 25 thou 4 Amp = 75 thou 8 Amp = 250 thou
If you are going to use the supply voltage (110 or 230 vac) on the primary side, you can use 25 thou tracks, but be careful to allow a GOOD safety spacing between these and the 5 volt side or any metalwork. I would recommend 0.5 inch. You are permitted to use less, but it sounds like you are a raw beginner. Take care!
Barry Lennox
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Barry Lennox

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