R/C Aircraft Carrier in Minnesota...

Hi All,

I thought you might be interesting in seeing what is thought to be the only operational R/C Aircraft Carrier in the world. This is a news story done by a local station here in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area a few days ago about a couple of guys in my club. Good story, but the landings leave a bit to be desired... ;-) Enjoy.

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Jay B. aka Treker in Minnesota

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Jay Bickford
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The server must be on someone's dial-up...... slower than molassas in January.


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David AMA40795 / KC5UH

I got to see it. They got good TV coverage.

I personally wouldn't fly a plane that close to myself. I'm quite sure that AMA won't cover cosmetic surgery if a landing goes awry. :-O


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Martin X. Moleski, SJ

there isn't no way I would land next to myself like that, the one landing he is lucky the engine died or he would have been in a world of hurt.

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Robert Williams

I would have already died from embarassment after messing up so many landings.

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Loaded in less then a minute for me, closer to 30 sec.

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Net Report

This is just scary!! I know they are flying slow and all but a prop in the face doesn't care how fast the plane is going. Some kind of cage may be in order. That and a different method of putting the plane on the flight deck with the spinning prop fractions of an inch from your arm.

Jim W

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Black Cloud

LOL! THAT requires thought instead of testosterone.

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