RC Flying Fields in Charlotte-Lincolnton NC area?

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I am taking a business trip to the Charlotte NC area next week, and was wondering if there are any good RC Flying Fields in the area? Specifically I am looking for fields in the Lincolnton, NC area. I like to try and visit local flying fields after work when I am on business trips. I will be in the area Monday and Tuesday evenings of this up coming week.

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Jay Bickford aka Treker in Minnesota

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Jay Bickford
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Bliss Teague is the AMA District 4 VP

He lives an hour north of Charlotte, I'm sure he can give you a list of fields and directions.

He's email address is snipped-for-privacy@xxxxxxxxxx.net

substitute earthlink for the xxxxxxxxx's

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Welcome to the area. There is a great club in Oakboro, the Rocky River Flying Aces, about 30 minutes north of Monroe. If you want to come out, I'll be glad to give you directions from wherever. I'll issue a personal invitation to come out and fly and time except before 1:00PM on Sunday. Tell anyone at the field Gerald Rudisail said you could come out and fly. We always welcome visitors. AMA required.

Gerald Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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