Model RR store in Charlotte NC???

Does anyone know of a model RR store in or around Charlotte NC?
Thanks in advance.
Brad Flanders
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There are a couple of Hobbytown USA's around; one in Pineville, and one in the University area. They're ok, if you're looking for off-the-shelf low-end products. Mainly RC stuff.
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The best store I know of in the area is the Little Choo Choo Shop in Spencer, which is just on the other side of Salisbury, about 30 miles north of Charlotte, up I-85.
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They've got a wide selection, and the staff are great.
And they're right across the street from the North Carolina Transportation Museum.
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Definitely worth the drive!
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Wayne Maxwell
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In the Queen City, no. There is a good one in Spencer (next door to Salisbury)called the Choo-Choo Shop on Main Street across from the former railyards.
My experience is they do good work, knowledgeable, at a fair price.
For once I actually get to help somebody on here. Imagine that!
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J. Eugene Bartley

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