Johnson Model B Bandsaw questions

Does anyone know where I can find any info on a Johnson Model B
Bandsaw? I read a previous post with phone numbers, but I was looking
for something on the web. Also, does anyone know of a good source or
replacement for the d.t.e Light Oil for the cylinder and the 600w
Cylinder oil for the gears? Thanks
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You can buy Mobil DTE in gallons from McMaster-Carr, and probably MSC and Grainger as well. I assume this is for the feed control cylinder, so a gallon is a lot. A quart of hydraulic jack oil fronm the auto parts store would probably be just fine. DTE light is ISO 32 viscosity, approx SAE 10. Any hydraulic oil of similar viscosity would be OK as well.
Boston Gear sells the 600W cylinder oil in quarts for use in their worm reducers. You can get a quart from a bearing/power transmission distributor. Don't work with this stuff on a cold day or if you're feeling impatient.
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons

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