EZ Track or Unitrack? Need Advise

I'm thinking of using either Bachmann's EZ Track or Kato's UniTrack for my main line. Be interested in some opinions. Thanks in advance Brad Flanders

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UniTrack for my

Which scale??

N: Bachmann has a limited selection of track sections, while Kato's is very extensive.

HO: Bachmann has a broad selection of pieces, while Kato is somewhat limited, with nowhere near the selection of pieces available to N-scalers.


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My experience is STRICTLY in HO.

Looking at both, I chose Kato for my first layout. Works a treat, but has become rather hard to find and I seldom found it discounted much off retail.

No complaints about how it works, but I didn't bother with Kato controllers, as it was simple to wire up to a standard transformer and pushbuttons for the turnouts.

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Charles Krug

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