Cressline Canard Stick - Plans?

Back in the late 80's I built and flew a "Canard Stick" model that was put out by Cressline Model Products. It was a good flying airplane and very fast with a Royal .45 in back. I got several years and many, many flights out of that plane before I dumb-thumbed it into ground.

I'm just now getting back into RC after being busy with other things for the last few years. I have several ideas I would like to incorporate into a new model but the plans (along with a whole lot of other stuff) that I had stored in the garage were destroyed by mice that apparently had nothing else to do other than chew up my things. Grrrrr!

Cressline is apparently long out of business. If anyone happens to still have the plans and would be willing to sell them to me (or perhaps copy them) I would appreciate it.

Just remove the nospam. to email me.

Thanks, jc

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