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Bid early and often!
Dr.1 Driver
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| Item # 3139209791 | | Bid early and often!
Bah! Best way to keep the price down on Ebay is to bid only when there's less than 60 seconds left. `Sniping' works!
Oh, wait ... you don't want to keep the price down. You want it to go high! Then yes, I guess it's in your best interest if we bid early and often :)
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I've never found Ebay to be a good place to buy R/C stuff. The prices are generally too high, and without being able to inspect the stuff, you really don't know what condition it's in. And shipping on a plane will kill you.
Swap meets are the way to go! Auctions (live, in person, not on-line) are good too.
Actually, I've never found Ebay to be a good place to buy anything, unless it's rare and so you can't find it anywhere else. Oh wait, that's not true ... it *is* a good place to buy infant's clothing :)
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Doug McLaren
Well, lets see. A Sullivan Dynatron, with a BME 4:1 Reduction drive unit for $100.00. A NIB OS 1.08 for $125.00 A used OS 1.08 for $75.00 A good, used Webra 32 for $45.00 Three O.S. 7D carbs, one NIB, the other two used, in good shape, $45.00 for the new one, $30.00 for the used ones. 12 Rev Up 10X4 Props, $20.00 That's just for starters.
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