R/C Transmitter kit or pc board

Somewhere I saw a web page for a r/c transmitter that used the old
ProLine case and sticks...apparantly it was a up to date circuit....I
had to put in a new hard drive in this computer and lost all my old
bookmarks and such as that...the name Johnson (not the old E.F.
Johnson Co.) sticks in my mind. Is there anyone out there that knows
about this that can direct me to that web site...
Frank Schwartz in Hendersonville, TN
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Frank Schwartz
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for the Micro Star 2000 by Gordon Anderson. Or go to the MP8K group on Yahoo which is a support group for both the ACE MicroPro 8000 and the MS2K.
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Dan: Thanks for the reference...looks very interesting....I have been printing out the instructions and diagrams.... Appreciate your referring me to that website. Frank
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Frank Schwartz

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