Re: Cap 232 flight characteristics

I guess I just should have said that I think your CG location claims for
the H9 25% CAP illustrate that you haven?t a clue or you're full of
baloney...or both:)
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Gregg Uhlendorf
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Boy, are you a nice guy! Maybe a lump of coal will come your way and you can use it to wam up.
You are right, the balence when I started was more than 4 inches behind the spec'ed point. The seller told me that was the right point, and I was careless enough to believe him and not look it up until later. I have always laughed at the 'wait and balence' modelers and found I was in that box this time! I cannot tell you how well it flew there as I could not stand the extreme sensitifty to the elevator on low rates during the first flight, so I nursed it around and began to change things. After the second change, I did the research and decided I was a reasonably happy camper with what I had flown.
I will lend you a wooden stake if you need one. . . . .
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