cap 232

I have found the ultra sport on real flight to be the best plane to
fly. I am a bad pilot annd wonder if the cap232 withe limited control
travel will fly as easy and stabel as the ultra sport. I have rebuilt
every plane I have flown!!
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I've never had to rebuild any of the planes I've crashed on RealFlight. Just hit the space bar and a new one pops right up!
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mike tully
Well, I bet you won't be rebuilding this one then.
There won't be anything left of it. If you're thinking of real life model flying and not sim, then don't consider a higher performance plane until you can fly without crashing. IME the CAP is an easy plane to fly, mild mannered and won't bite you if you know what a CAP is. It's reputation is due in part to the history of the earlier CAP models that did snap, but the 232 is tame. It's just a faster airplane that's more sensitive to control input than some other models.
Flying is a skill and takes time, give it that time and you'll be rewarded with a lifelong hobby, shortcut it and you'll have another hobby soon enough.
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Matthew P. Cummings

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