Re: Has anyone tried a MUGI ?

Do you have any pictures of your design? I am getting ready to make my first Mugi and would like to see what you came up with.


> Yes I have built 2 & flown them > > Initial findings are that the tail fin as described in the plans is just > too small to give any stability. > > I am currently flying my 2mm correx Mugi 400 with a much enlarged tail > fin - Probably too big but it does give amazing stability - Sort of a > trainer Mugi if you like. I have enlarged it to be 4 1/2 in high & set > the width so that both upright parts of the tail fin are vertical. > > As my confidence in this plane & flying skill increase I will experiment > at reducing the fin height, but at present I am just really enjoying > myself burning up the sky as at full throttle this model is really quite > quick - Handels blustery conditions pretty well as well! > > > -- > brobin1 > -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------- > Posted from the Discussion Forums. > Visit us at
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