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OK You say the Goldberg Decath flies great, whats the difference between them, is it the wing or what, would love to hear before I seal the wing up on my beast.. Roy Roy Roy even after all the warnings well least you know now and my eyes are open . Regards Wayne

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Wayne Bourke
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Actually I bought this plane, already finished, from a fellow modeler at my club with the sole purpose of making or breaking this model. I was totally aware of the reputation of this model after having seen it fly and doing a little research on the net.

There is more than one person who has wiped out this model on the first flight. One guy even wrote that he refused to sell his to anyone because he would not wish this kind of evil on his worst enemy!

Last night I stripped off some covering and wet the outer bays. I've clamped it and applied weights to the wingtips. It appears to have taken some washout, I'll check with an incidence meter before the next attempt.

I would take the time to consider reworking your wing to include washout if you are building this model.

BTW, I was a little confused about your opening line. I have never stated that the Goldberg flys great. Tony Woolner did though....



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Roy Myklebust

Hi Roy, I tried to answer both posts at the same time, confusing, I should have added lol to the second one. I'll wait until you have tested your theory re the washout, if you will be kind enough to post the revised test flight, I waited 4 years so far to finish the plane so a bit longer wont matter. BTW what engine are you powering your plane with??? I wonder has Tony got the CG Decath or has seen one fly? Regards Wayne

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