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The Jeti 110 is rated for 11 amps continuous and your current from two motors is going to exceed that.
A 6vSp400 on 7 cells with a gunther prop will draw around 8 amps at full throttle. For two motors in parallel you essentially double the current draw. If your two motors are in parallel (which given that you are using seven cells they are) then depending on the props and the exact model of Sp400 used you are likely to be drawing something in the order of 16 amps static on 7 cells. That will cause the ESC to cut off to protect itself before you reach that current draw.
For a twin in that configuration you would be better suited to use an ESC with plenty of headroom - I use a Jeti 350 in a twin 400 model, you might just get away with an 18 -20 amp controller, but having the excess capacity is a good idea. Something in the 25-35 amp rating range will be right IMHO.
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The Jeti 110 is too small for what you're asking it to do. It's only
rated at 11 amps. Remember that you are using two 400s in parallel
which doubles the current draw. You need to bump up to a 25 amp model.
I have just finished an Aventura III seaplane with two Speed 400s and 7 cells. >
> I'm using a Jeti 110 controller, but it cuts out when I get to about half > throttle.
> Is there some sort of calibration I need to do to set the high throttle? >
> Joe Parsons
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Doug Dorton
The Jeti 110 controller is a 10 amp controller. I would bet you are exceeding the current carrying capability of the ESC with two speed 400's. Two speed 400's with just those cheapo push on props will draw about 10 amps, EACH.
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James Beck
Joe- The Jeti 110 is limited to 11 amps. If you exceed that, it will shut down to protect itself. A single 6V Speed 400 will draw about that current on 7 cells. You prolly need a heftier ESC.
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Abel Pranger

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