Re: RC aircraft as camera platform (newbee)

Fubar, would you post the brand and model of your wireless video
equipment. I've been looking around and have yet to find equipment for
the price you state. And most affordable systems seem to have a range
of only 1000'.
Fubar of The HillPe>...I have a system with 480 lines of resolution, supposed 2
mile range and the heaviest part of the entire airborne system is the... >
>...foamie combat glider. It runs off 9 volts and cost me all of $60... >
>transmitter that puts out 800mw...
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Bought the 1.2 ghz $60 (w/shipping) system from Spylinker on Ebay. Do a "Search by seller" for Spylinker. 800mw, considerably more than 1000' range. This is what I used for my website airborne videos. Also your quote of my post is mixing up two different systems. The 2 mile range, 480 lines of res system was bought from Super Circuits and is on 900mhz which requires a ham license in the US. That system costs $349. Havent gotten that one airborne as yet.
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