Re: TT 46 Pro won't shut off

You might want to try a Bolly Clubman prop. They have a 10.5 x 8 that works
great with mine. As for not shutting down. There is a leak of air from the
Carb screw and I put a bit of fuel line over the High speed screw to stop
it. This was common in older models I think. I have 12 hours on one of them
now and it is great. It is over 5 years old and loves the 10.5 x 8.
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I am currently flying a TT46 Pro on A Sig Something Extra, using a APC
> 11X6 prop. The engine is a perfect combination and flies the plane
> great. I can get the engine to idle way down. However I can't shut
> the engine off unless I pull the fuel line off. I have the throttle
> linkage all the way back. The carb appears to be shut all the way. I
> see no adjustment screw like I have on my O.S. Engines. Is there
> something I am missing or don't understand? Any suggestions?
> Thanks
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