ripmax speed controller info

I'm on my first model.
Almost finished e hawk 2000.
I have a problem I have a ripmax 35 speed controller(no instructions)
The connections to the elec motor appear to be correct. The motor beeps when
turned on but does not turn.
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Will it Work
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Usual reason is that the throttle channel needs reversing. Try switching it on with the throttle at full to confirm this. It is possible that the safety device is operating because it is seeing full throttle. All best tested with no prop fitted! CM
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Clive Matthews
You should get a beep when its switched on, then go high throttle and wait: two beeps, then low throttle again and its armed. Any throttle now will spin it up.
Remember Futaba trannies need throttle reversed.
Also if you do not use throttle fully down/fully up to arm it, it will arm to the end points you set. Irritating flying full throttle at half stick ;-)
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The Natural Philosopher
Thanks Guys,
A quick call to the model shop resolved the issue. I had the extra battery pack installed, and also using the wrong channel. duh!
Works a treat now.
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Will it Work

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