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Pick a guy that has Email, designate him as SC to AMA when you renew your club charter, and then let him go back to his nap.


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Abel Pranger
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The new rules are out .What do all of you think of them.? It may cause our club to close. No one will be the Safety Corridnator & if the AMA really pushes this we are done. Got any suggestions????

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Troy Stark

Just like Abel says: Fill the square and go on about normal business. I have accepted the position for my club, I have a committee, and we are doing some things that are just in the everday chores of the club. I will take any messages and go with the flow. Don't sweat the small stuff and as for now I think this is just like a buzzing mosquito: A few swats and it either dies or just goes away. The original 537 doc. has gone away and that is a good start. Keep on flying and having a good time, but the puppy under the table just needs some crumbs now and then. (;-))


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Someone might look at this as a way to reduce insurance claims since club sites and trip and fall accidents constitute 50% of our insurance claims. Of course I will probably get yelled at for suggesting that, but it is an interesting match up with facts and EC decisions.

If you do not appoint some poor victim, er volunteer who meets the e-mail requirement, you club is DONE. That means no site insurance and THAT just might mean no flying field. Get on a stick guys, the EC is pulling no punches on this one.

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Personally Six, I think it would do the AMA a world of good if they suddenly saw clubs start dropping of the radar. The more the merrier! Might be just the ticket to make Muncie wake up and realize there are real people out there.

Naw! What am I thinking? The clubs will continue to take the easiest (not necessarily the proper) route out and drop to their knees to preserve that precious insurance. And the grip Muncie has on the average club will tighten that much more.



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Chuck Jones

First of all, excuse my English. Being a Norwegian I will do my best.

It is a bit strange to see that you have exactly the same discussion about in misbeliefe in your national organization as we have had i Norway for many years. What is wrong about being organized? People find all kinds of excuses, but it all comes down to the fee in the end. Spending $ on something you cannot grasp in your hand seems to be hard. Have you ever thought about forming a new organization besides AMA? And why haven't you done so if AMA is so bad as it seems from the discussions on this list? Or would you rather not be organized at all? Where would that leave you, standing alone fighting any upcoming problems?

We started 2004 in our organization by proclaiming it to be the "Year of safety". I would say it has been a great success. We told people to think safety all the time, as any serious accident could lead to a discussion about banning aeromodels as a sport all together. That message got through to people, and I do not know if there is any connection, but during 2004 our membership numbers raised by 17%, and the number of clubs by 20%. Actually, we as an organzation starting working seriously with security seems to have been taken as a very positive approach.

Terje Martinsen Norwegian Air Sports Organization/Aeromodelling

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Terje Martinsen

No need to apologize, you do English better than many here do your language :-)

For many people, nothing. For a few, they always think they could run it better, but they sit on the sidelines complaining rather than actually DOING anything.


They probably haven't. But even if they tried, the number of malcontents is really so small that they would not be able to form an effective organization.

First, it would be too much work for them. Second, if they formed their own organization, what would they have to complain about?

Probably not. Some of them would probably just like to do whatever they want.

They probably think their world would be free of problems.

Cool, good results!

Most in the AMA probably feel similar. Much of what you see here is a vocal minority. If it wasn't the AMA, they'd be complaining about something else. There's nothing to be gained arguing with them, they'll always be complaining about something.

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You're way ahead of me. I can't even speak Tex-Mex let alone Norwegian. (;-))

In many cases this is so. However in the realm of expenses, AMA dues are a pittance.

AMA is the established unit. As one that has watched it evolve, plus observe two new organizations each grow, wither away, and die, I am both AMA's main critic (close to #1 if not) plus a large supporter. I give far more than my "dues".

In addition I have funded a flying site and the contract requires 100% of AMA Charter requirements for the Club. There MUST be a strong organization.

Like our form of government, we here can give it _ell, yet the majority would have no other, even when so few really support voting, especially for those that would not surrender our freedoms for "safety and security".

In my opinion, the membership's apparent lack of interest in the AMA's governing group creates all the flak you read here. That lack of interest has allowed a few to become far too entrenched in the organization as they never get even close to being voted out, even though some of us do volunteer our services to change that.

There are still a few interested free thinkers able to see a need for a redirection within the current AMA bureaucracy, however the vast majority of the membership barely has enough knowledge of AMA to do more than spell the abbreviation itself.

So, Mr. Martinson, thanks for your inputs and your concern, however all is not lost here. AMA does function, just that there are a few that would like to see it do about 1000% better. (;-))

Horrace Cain Life Member L 93

"Look and you will find it -- what is unsought will go undetected." Sophocles "Never give up for that is just the place the tide will turn." H.B. Stowe "A little government and a little luck are necessary in life, but only a fool trusts either of them." P.J. O'Rourke

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Where'd you get that idea? We've always had a safety officer. We just changed the title.


Troy Stark wrote:

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Charles & Peggy Robinson

Hello Terje,

What you don't understand is the we in the USA have many flyers who use the term "Safety Nazi" about anyone with the nerve to call them down on an unsafe flying practice. These are the people who think the rules don't apply to them. The reason, besides plain lazyness, that club members don't want to be officers, is that people are afraid of confrontation and unpopularity if they have to exercise their authority.


Terje Mart> First of all, excuse my English. Being a Norwegian I will do my best. >

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Charles & Peggy Robinson

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