Sanwa RD6000 setup advice.

I'm relooking at getting a Pelikan-Extreme electric glider, because a mate's got one for sale. He bought it thinking it was more aerobatic than it is, (it's a little tame for him - but he's a much more experienced flyer than me).

His is a slope-soarer only, ie I'll still have to go to Puffin Models for motor/ESC/battery etc.

In order to convince myself to buy it I need to find out, definitively, if my Sanwa RD6000 t/x can cope with flaps, ailerons, aileron diff, spoilerons & crow. The instruction manual explains each of these functions in isolation, including crow, but not in combination. It seems only to suggest using the throttle stick for the flaps. This description is only for a glider, it doesn't mention at all setting up crow for a powered glider.

If I can be certain that the RD6000 can do it then I'll buy it.

Can anybody help?


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I dont know the Sanwa but could you not use a spare channel for the motor as a pure on off channel

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