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Ive just baught a new electric park flyer. After my third flight i realised that the radio was behaving really weird. When i tested it on the ground, i noticed that when i put left or light rudder in, the motor and the elevator would rondomly move around at their own free will. This cant be interfierence because it does the same thing at the flying field too. I dont knoe if its serious either because it doesnt do it all the time. Any thaughts ?

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What model parkflyer???? If it is a RTF ( ready to fly ), and the plane has a circuit board inside instead of standard R/C equipment sometimes you can get a bad circuit board. Or some manufactures build this feature on the Firebird line of planes. When I had my Firebird Commander set in beginner mode and throttled to full power the control surfaces would vary less or more in deflection depending upon throttle setting. My thoughts: Need to know if it was a RTF package ( plane, radio, charger, batteries )


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Mike R

check your batteries, first thing. Dead batteries (eg, batteries that are not charged above minimum) will cause that. You said 3 flights--did you recharge/replace between flights?

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