Shun Da 3-channel airplane w/ everything RTF $53

Hello all,
I've seen this go for as little as $53 dollars to the winning bidder.
They're selling alot of them. Sounds to good to be true, but I'm
getting really weary trying to find an ideal first plane. I now have
two balsa and tissue free flight planes that I've had forever and
always wanted to power with electric. I figured the parts from this
RTF could be used someday in those after the inevitable crash. Anyone
ever heard of Shun Da or have any other thoughts on this plane?
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Best Regards
Kevin T
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Kevin Tesmar
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On 12/24/2003 12:22 AM Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:
I am primarily a glo flyer, but do fly some electric. I would suggest spending some extra money and get a 4 channel transmitter (allows you to go to 4 channel planes in the future), mini/micro receiver, mini/micro servos (depending on the application).
The parts from this plane can be used for other planes, however, "can" motors are cheap.
It depends on what you want to spend. The negatives I can see about this setup are: The transmitter is AM (AM is subject to a lot more outside interference than FM) and replacement parts for the plane. You should keep replacement parts in mind - does your LHS have them or can they get them fairly quickly ?
Again, the general consensus on electrics SEEM to be a "motorized glider" type of plane for an absolute beginner (especially if trying to teach yourself). If you will be having an instructor, see what they suggest.
Many people highly recommend the Slo-Stick as an excellent trainer. I started electric on a "Sky Scooter" and found it reasonably good.
Check E-Zone
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You will be able to find a wealth of information on electrics there.
I hope this has been some help. Have a nice holiday.
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Ted Campanelli
My brother learned to fly this summer with one of these..(against my advice)
I had no previous experience with power, but have flown slope soarers for the last 12 years - so I was able to check his building and trim the plane. A friend of his also bought one - so here are my thoughts..........
The wing is very fragile, it will fold if you try to loop, or even dive at 45 degrees for 50 feet and pull up hard, it is a handful for a beginner if the wind is blowing over 8 mph as the motor is not very strong.Both planes were supplied with a 'crash kit' which consisted of a spare wing and tail.
Both planes would sometimes show a radio fault - full left rudder and 3/4 throttle - we never fully found if this was the rx or tx, but it caused the final destruction of both aircraft (this was not a problem with interference between them, it happened also when flying alone). The motor, speed controller and servos (mini servos supplied with ours) could be used on another aircraft. The supplier sent us another Tx, but by this stage the bug had bitten and my bro has bought a Futaba computer set, slope soarer, and a epp electric wing and is building an NCFM Moth sloper.
If you are sure you want to fly (electric or otherwise), I would strongly suggest purchasing a decent radio set, and try searching the net on rcgroups etc to find a suitable kit, if you have built and flown your FF planes you will have no problem.
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Colin Graham
I flew one called the "shun da sky hawk." For the money it flies wel
although the wing does fold as mentioned by the previous reviewer. Onc it is up in the air you can easily stay up at the middle throttle o shut it off completely and glide (which it does-and pretty goo actually.) I am a first time flyer and kept it up for a good 7 minute or so and could stay longer had I not had to shut off the power an make a landing because I was to close to turn from a fence. I don' know why there are so many negatives about this plane. For the 47$ I was a great flyer. :
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