silverlit rc airplane - anybody else have one? totally begiinner question

This is a real beginner here. Question is has anyone out there have any experience with an electric RC plane from silverlit? My wife was showing me an add last month with this plane in it. I remarked how cute it was with the digital camera, paratroopers, etc and next thing you know its under my xmas tree. She bought it at "Bed Bath & Beyond". A real hot dog RC hobbyist place.

Anyway, its all a soft foam material. I got it all together. Ihad to bend lots of little piano wires so it would fly straight and the first time the prop flew off because the little holder wasn't well "nipped as they say" on to the shaft. Probably a good thing since there's so many trees in my lot.

Tomorrow its off to a park I'll let you know how it woroks. really is a valid email id so if you have some experience with this toy please drop me a line.

tks happy new year. don

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