This is supposed to be a newsgroup for model aircraft. Tell Procter to get the hell off or just ignore him from now on.

Enough time has been wasted on this crap.

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And thank YOU for creating yet ANOTHER phrase needing to be added to my filter list and starting yet ANOTHER thread for this BS. Up till you chimed in with THIS thread, I had THOSE threads blocked and ignored. Good job, Numbnuts!

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Fubar of The HillPeople

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Don Parker

Get a life! Jerk!

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Mate; A Pub is for drinking in, yet many a discussion other than about beer, wine, or spirits are entered into there. So, people, just like us, here on a RC news group, sometimes find it interesting to discuss other matters, some which are controversal, serious or silly,to share with others who read us. Now, if you care to remove this right, then my friends we are going backwards to a place where tolerance and free speech cease to exist. And don't forget, you are not forced to read anything ! DN

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Good to see you back DN. Been a while, thought you must have gone walkabout >:-)


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