Traplet Plans

I am looking to purchase several Traplet plans and have a couple of
questions regarding them as I have not built from this supplier before. Have
used MAN and RCM plans in the past
1) What is the general "quality" of this plans, are they complete and
shown all necessary views to build ?
2) Since these are supplied out of England, are all the wood sizes in
metric or inches ?
3) Do building instructions come with the plans set ? RCM and MAN supply
the magazine article with the plan they supply.
4) Any general comments on these plans
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I don't know about traplet in specific, but I have ordered plans from "over there" through an importer (forget his name? one of the scale guys?). The dimensions seem to depend on the country. Ones from england are still often in inches, while the set of plans from Germany was in mm (and German).
One thing though, is to see if the plan hasn't previously been published in the US. I found that a set of P-38 plans by Gordon Whitehead published in England that I bought were also published in MAN. At least the author and the specs were the same, so I assumed it was the same design.
Instructions may or may not be provided.
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John T
I have a set of plans that i ordered from them in September that still haven't arrived yet. I have called the US distributer and they said they were shipped in Sep but even a slow boat isn't this slow.
As you may or may not know they have ceased publication of their magazine RC Scale International.
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It's a while since I built anything from a plan but I'll try to answer some of the questions!
A quick loook back at the free plans included with Traplet's RCMW magazine over the past few months shows all wood sizes in inches. Which came as a surprise to me! Especially as the last balsa I bought from my local model shop was metric, but the UK online sellers I've just looked at are selling in inches!
Plans I've bought in the past (mostly from Traplet's UK rival) have not been supplied with a copy of the article. But if you mention the specific plans in the UK group you might get some replies from people who have the plans you're asking about and can give more accurate info.
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John Privett
I have several of their plans, and find them to be quite good, IF you have some building experience. Quality varies between designers, however. They do not come with instructions, but a perusal of the Traplet website for back issues will reveal which edition of which magazine carried the construction article. You can also enquire on for magazines.
As has been mentioned, most of them are in inches. One British peculiarity is that they give wire measurements in guage, not thousandths of an inch thickness, so a bit of interpretation will come into play there.
What are you planning to build?
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Geoff Sanders
peculiarity is
I'm looking at building the Mosquito, Beaver, Skyraider, and Dauntless over the next 2 winters. Many years ago I had a set of Mosquito plans from Complete-a-pac but lost them during a move. I just recently discovered that C-A-P was still in business and that they offered a Mosq. kit. Traplet plans of the Mosq are supposed to be the same as the C-A-P kit. I live in northern Canada so I have lots of time during the winters to build, like the British, wire sizes here are in gauge also so there is no problem there.
Thanks for your comments ...
Merry Christmas
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