want to trade for a ham band transmitter/receiver ...

Anybody interested in trading a transmitter and receiver in the 50 mhz
band for similar equipment in the 72 mhz band? Perhaps you have the
stuff, but can't legally use it?
I've got some spare Futaba FM 4 or 6 channel transmitters and
receivers (R127DF's most likely), as well as at least one 6 channel JR
and an Airtronics 4 or 6 channel Vanguard with matching receivers.
All on 72 mhz, and all are narrow band. I'll replace the transmitter
batteries to make sure they're good. (I've also got two AM (but still
gold stickered) Futaba transmitters and receivers if somebody wants to
trade for them, though I doubt anybody is.)
Anybody interested in trading for something comparable in the ham
band? (to be clear, I've got the 72 mhz stuff, and want the 50 mhz
stuff, one or two transmitters and receivers.)
I'd also be interested in a 50 mhz module that will fit a 9c and a
comparable receiver, but I'd have to trade a full transmitter and
receiver for it. (which would be fine with me.)
I could go the Ebay route, sell what I've got and buy new stuff, but I
figured I'd see if somebody wants to do a trade first.
I'm in Austin, TX if somebody is close ...
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