What are CH switches on controller for?

Have a Lanyu 4 CH radio controller and a TW-748 electric plane with
throttle, aileron, rudder and elevator. The controller has the
following switches:
CH1 Rolling,yawing
CH2 Pitching
CH3 Motor power
CH4 Yawing,rolling
The really badly translated English user manual doesn't tell me if and
how the switches are to be used with this plane. Have tried a few
combinations, but can't see how the result could be useful.
Could anyone please elaborate me a little?
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On Thu, 30 Aug 2007 12:20:14 -0700, snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote in :
That's probably the aileron channel.
For a second servo on the ailerons if you're using flaperons or a delta wing configuration.
In mode 2, the left-hand stick controls throttle (up for full, down for idle) and rudder (left for left, right for right).
The right-hand stick controls aileron (left & right) and elevator (pushing the stick away from you is down elevator--pushing thenose down; pulling the stick toward you is up elevator--pulling the nose up).
Switches on the transmitter might be used for flaps, high-low rates on one channel or another, or for flight modes.
Little tiny DIP switches are probably for reversing the direction of the servos. Sometimes it's easier to set up a servo "backwards" and correct the backwardness by reversing the direction in which it moves rather than to get everything mechanically running in the right direction.
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
1/. do you mean switches or sticks? If sticks that's what you wiggle to control the plane :-)
2/. If switches, are these little slide switches? if so they are probably channel recversing switches.
Otherwise I haven't a clue. Might be rate switches.
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The Natural Philosopher
1-2. I mean slide switches (DIP), and they are on the front of the radio below the sticks. I'll have to try them someday without the propeller which by the way is named "airscrew" in the manual:-) Made the maiden flight today and got a broken propeller and loosened landing gears... Seems that the plane is front heavy.
Thanks anyway!
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Americanism eh?
They are almost certainly servo reversal switches. Try altering the elevator one and see if it makes the elevator move down when you pull the stick back..
Hmmm. Or you threw it up too much. Back stick will always compensate for nose heaviness. It sounds like its low on power to me..try and launch it dead level and don't make it want to climb too hard.
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The Natural Philosopher

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