Just picked up the Revell CH-54 and I was wondering what color the Army version should be painted in. The instructions call for a mix of Revell colors and I have no idea what the result would look like.

Thanks, Frank

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Testors Model Master has Army Helo Drab, I can't remember the exact FS number for it. Honestly you could use damned near any dark olive green to medium olive green! The Pima Air Museum has one of the CH-54's over their gate and the damned thing is so sum faded that you'd SWEAR it was meant to be desert brown! It isn't, in the non-faded areas it really is the dark olive drab ofthe late schemes.

The early paint schemes (I think the kit includes the decals for this) were a very bright gloss medium green (which also did the fading trick a lot!) and had white and color insignias over them. If the kit has the white ARMY markings then use the gloss medium green.

Hope this helps!


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Drew Hill

Straight up Olive Drab .Helo drab is a later paint. These things were flat OD, lots of fading . Not the cleanest birds, either. Red dust is a nice touch.

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