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Does anybody have some clever suggestions for painting the edgy 4-color camo on Swedish CH-46s? Also, what Model Master colors to use and what color is the underside?

Thanks in advance, Frank

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I haven't seen the CH-46s but there used to be a Swedish Set in Humbrol Authentics for the jets. For the record Light Green 322M is FS 34102, Dark Olive Green 326M is FS 34062, Black 093M is FS 37038, Brown 507M is FS 30219, and Blue Grey 058M is FS 36270. These are from my old copy of Urban Fredriksson's colour charts.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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The Flying Colors Aerodecals sheet SR7210 fr the J35F Draken states: "Blågrå

058 - Little darker than FS595 35237"

I used Xtracrylix XA1126 on the undersurfaces of my Draken and it certainly looks the part.

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