Los Angeles County Sikorsky Firehawk S-70

I am looking for diagrams, blueprints, or high res photographs of a Los Angeles County Sikorsky Firehawk S-70 so I can create a model of this aircraft.

Can anyone point me to a source? Please email me direct at snipped-for-privacy@fireengines.net.

Thank You in advance

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llorance said the following on 30/06/07 00:39:

Ask in alt.binaries.pictures.aviation and also in rec.aviation.military possibly. They are usually quite helpful.

Good luck in your search!

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Richard Brooks

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Some photos and even a pdf for decals have recently been posted on the Heli-Kit News Discussion Forum:

formatting link

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Kelly Quirk

Is the tail number N15LA? If so, I have a couple I shot at the Los Alamitos Wings, Wheels & Rotors show last October.

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the Legend of LAX

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