Flying Field in Los Angeles

I am new to flying. I built a tether control model and i am anxious
to try it out. I went outside when it was finished and threw it with
out the motor attached just to see it fly. It fell backwards and broke
the rudder. :} Anyway, i realized that flying it in my concrete back
yard isnt going to work out very well. So i am trying to think of a
nice large grassy area where there are not too many people around....
In Los Angeles, Yeah right.
Any Ideas?
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Sepulveda Basin has several concrete circles strictly for flying C/L aircraft. Woodly Ave, north of Burbank Blvd in Van Nuys. Called the Apollo 11 field. Free admittance and use.
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Whitter Narrows has control line circles also. 60 Fwy Rosemead exit, go north. Earle
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SNIP and threw it with
Another advantage of finding other fliers is that you may find some help with setting up the plane. There are definite and finite numbers of steps that are important to getting a plane to fly right. The more you learn, the more fun the hobby becomes.
Good luck, Let us all know how it goes for you. Andy
We can make a box of wood.....FLY!!
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