OT/OT Clip vs. Magazine - What's the difference

I was corrected yesterday by one of the federal marshalls who guard
this federal bldg where I slave away at my institutional beige
what is the difference btwn a clip and a magazine? I was referring to
that clip on CNN of an officer being shot as he turned his back on
someone he stopped. I said he emptied his clip, he said it was a
thx all - Craig
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I think it goes back to the old days when a stripper clip held a number of rounds of ammunition for fast reloading of the magazine. The ammunition on the clip was inserted into the magazine by pushing the rounds downward, off of the stripper clip. Somehow they became synonymous.
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I guess technically it's a magazine in that it is the device that holds the ammo. Specifically, it's a detachable magazine (some guns, rifles mostly, have fixed internal magazines set into the body that aren't removable and are loaded from the top). Clips can be like stripper clips, which hold rounds of ammo in a row so they can easily and quickly loaded into a magazine, or an en bloc clip like on the M1 Garand, where there is a metal frame that holds the rounds and the whole package is loaded into the gun. The M1 clip can't be topped off and the metal clip gets ejected when the last round is fired.
All technical description aside, many people use the terms clip and magazine interchangably when refering to detachable magazines for pistols or rifles. Apparently your marshall is a "purist".
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Dave Williams
I would say RobG had it right from te times I had rifle instruction on SMLEs. The 5 round clip went into the fixed magazine. The distinction nowadays is probably pedantic at best; I can't think of a rifle or pistol in widespread service that has the clip and magazine arrangement.
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flak monkey
A clip is literally a device that cartridges are clipped into, see Mauser or Springfield stripper clips, 40mm Boforos clips, etc. A magazine is an enclosed structure that contains ammunition. Masuers, Springfields, M-14's and even M-16's may have their magazines loaded from stripper clips. The odd duck in the lot is the M-1 Garand enbloc clip which is entirely housed in the magazine until empty whereupon it is ejected with avery distinctive PING!
snipped-for-privacy@earthl> I was corrected yesterday by one of the federal marshalls who guard
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Ron Smith
Many people are also morons.
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Ron Smith
Which both the Germans and Japanese learned to listen for, as that's when they were going to pop up and shoot you while you were reloading. So the M1 riflemen took to carrying a empty clip around in their pocket, which they could throw down on the ground to make the "ping" sound, and then wait for enemy riflemen to show themselves.
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Pat Flannery
I've heard this story repeatedly but its veracity seems doubtful.
I mean, how audible would the sound of the empty clip being ejected be in the general cacophony of the battlefield?
How often would infantry be engaging at a range where the "ping" would be audible in any case? It would seem that at anything over fifty feet or so, it would be inaudible even without the general din of the battlefield.
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Bill Shatzer
Even with ear plugs in you can hear it from the target pits 200 yards downrange during a highpower rifle match.
Bill Shatzer wrote:
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Ron Smith

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