Bf110 images?

Hello all,
Well, I've pulled out my Promodeler Bf110g kit that's been sitting in
the "to be built" stack for the past 9 years. I'm looking for some
color reference pics of the front and rear pit areas. I haven't
had a great deal of luck doing web searches. Any suggestions or images
you might be able to scan and email would be greatly appreciated.
Also, I'm curious about the rear pit "seat", which looks more like
a cot. Any idea why it's not a traditional seat? What colors should it
be painted? (the instructions call for everything in the pit to be
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Lee Rouse
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From what I can tell it's shared by the Radar/Radio Operator (facing front) and the Gunner. (Facing rear.) Not sure what kind of restraint system was used...
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Edwin Ross Quantrall
Sounds very cramped. Hard to imagine what kind of restraint system could be used with this "seat".
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Hi Lee, I primarily model WW2 German aircraft. I've found two books in particular to be a great resource.
1) German Aircraft or world war 2 in colour published 1978 by Kenneth Munson Blanford Press ISBN 0-7137-0860-3
The colour photo's in this book are amazing. The 110 especially.
2) Pictorial History of the Luftwaffe Published 1969 by Flight Lieutenant Alfred Price SBN 7110 0100 6
If I can find a scanner to use, I'll scan a few images for you of the 110 and send them over. (it'll probably take a few days) If there are any others you need, let me know.
Cheers :) -Colin.
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Colin R.

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