Building The AMA SUT Part 10

Part 10
OK, its almost done. The engines have been broken in, its been
balanced (oddly enough, it balanced perfectly, didn't have to add any
weight, who would of thunk it?) and finally got thru to Futaba and
spent some time on the phone with their tech and he got me thru the
programming to get the kill switch to work on both throttles. If you
are a novice at radio programming I suggest you go the Y harness route
and forget about the fancy programming on your radio. I can't even
explain how to do it, its so complicated. I covered the nose this PM
and rechecked all the linkages. Tomorrow I will take it out and taxi
test to check for ground handling characteristics. Our field is very
short at 300 feet so I won't fly but will wait until next week when I
can take it to TIMPA. They have 700 feet there and I will feel much
more comfortable. I will take a picture of it tomorrow and try to post
it. Don't know how to do that using Google but will try. My ISP does
not have News so Google is my only source for news.
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